Monday, November 26, 2012

Skanger young wan's who think they are PUNKS!

What the fuck is this all about i hear you cry.  Its skanger cunt young ones walking around in Doc Martens or Crepes wearing tshirts of bands they would never in their wildest dreams have heard of.  The little bastards.  Its coz that fucking twat Rihanna is doing it, they are jumping on the fuckin band wagon, the little motherfuckers, the fuckin CHAV BAND WAGON is the one their riding on.  Seen 2 of the cunts yesterday and I just said to myself, they wouldnt know punk if it walloped them in the face very very fucking hard, which should have been the fuckin case.  The thing is, every other day of the week you see the cunts wearing the latest range of KNACKSUITS and BOAT SHOES, they look fucking RIDICULOUS!!! They should all be tarred, feather, smacked in the head with a PIKE (fish), fucked into a barrel and rolled down the tallest hill you can find!!!! FUCKIN ARSEHOLES!!! GOOD DAY TO YA!!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Garda and Segways!

Yeah, this combination goes hand in hand big time, ME BOLLIX!!!!  What the fuck are they giving the garda segways for, so they can act the bollocks on their lunch break, they do that anyway!!!!  I seen 2 of the numptys yesterday on the fuckin things doing spins on them at the traffic lights, I can see what the tax payers money is paying for, WHAT A LOAD OF BOLLOCKS, these garda thought they were in fuckin detroit or something, they thought they were in robocop!!! If that was the case, I hope Clarence Bodiker blows your fucking hands off with a shotgun, yiz cunts.  When they first gave the pigs bikes I was saying to myself awe jayzis, theyre trying to be all american now, fuckin arseholes, but SMEGWAYS, i mean SMEGWAYS, oh i've done it again, SEGWAYS, i thought to myself, theyre taking the royal piss!!!!!!  They just look thick on them, hey wait a minute, maybe theres a hidden agenda behind this to actually make them look stupid, yeah, i can dream on.  Tatty bye bye now!!!  P.S.  THEY DO LOOK VERY STUPID ON THEM, ITS LIKE THEYRE RIDING A FUCKIN DUBLIN CORPORATION BIN WITH FUCKIN WHEELS ON!!!

Skangers wearing BABY BLUE tracksuits and BODY FUCKING WARMERS!!!!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhh, what the fuck is with this.  Every fucking skanger you see nowadays is wearing a baby blue tracksuit and these body warmers, HARD MEN, WHA!  SCUMMY FUCKS!!!  They also wear fuckin CONVERSE aswell, yeah, they fucking ruined them for everyone and also VANS, you scummy little fucks!!! I seen an ad for DUFFERS skanger wear this morning and it was basically that scumbag look.  If I get hold of a thick black snowman marker that poster is going DOWN!!! Im gonna write on it, yeah, DUFFERS, THE FUCKING SKANGER LOOK!!!!  They still do the HANDS DOWN THE BAGS thing aswell, what the fuck, theyre checking to see if theres still a COCKTAIL SAUSAGE down there, little fuckin REPTILES!!!! EXTERMINATE, EXTERMINATE!!!!!!